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Alternatives to traditional sex

September, 4

When it comes to sex, people tend to consider intercourse. It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that sex means one course of action: foreplay, penetration...

Let's talk about sex

Idyllic presentations of relationships on social media

September, 3

Interactive technology has been associated with creating relational boundary issues because there is continuous access to ex-partners/new potential romantic interests...

Let's talk about sex

Positive relationship influences of interactive technology

September, 2

Many scientific and societal debates about the use and effects of interactive technology in relationships are shaped by implicit or explicit negative beliefs.

Let's talk about sex

Smartphones and social media: Relationship killers?

September, 1

Interactive technologies (e.g., smartphones, internet, social networking sites) are a regular part of everyday life.

Let's talk about sex

The “Good Enough Sex”

February, 5

Our society is saturated with images and myths about beauty and manliness, sexual performance and an over-emphasis on romantic and perfectionistic sexuality. 

Let's talk about sex

Premature ejaculation

December, 18

The definition given by the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) is the most commonly accepted. PE is defined as that ejaculation that always or almost always happens within the first minute after ...