Sex during the lockdown: how Covid-19 has changed our relationships
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Sex during the lockdown: how Covid-19 has changed our relationships

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The Covid-19 pandemic – and the consequent lockdown – has affected not only the “standard” couple patterns, but also the way we communicate and interact. Even before the Covid-19, the different ways of communicating that we currently have available allowed us to interact with others and to experience strong emotions without necessarily needing to physically meet. We can experience sexual desire, we can feel desired, understood, satisfied, rejected and afraid. We can experience all of this without leaving our homes.

Even without even having to get off the couch. It is even possible to have an online relationship while our main partner is in the very same room with us. And, of course, this was also possible during the lockdown. And it happened. Experts gathered numbers from during the quarantine that show an increase in cybersex, telephone sex, sexting, online sex parties, online relationships and the use of dating apps.

The Economist found that in the month of April the average daily number of messages sent on OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge and other similar apps increased by 27% in respect to the last week of February. This occurred in every part of the world. In China, the users of TanTan (an app similar to Tinder) spent, on average, 30% more time on the app than during “normality.” Also, Tinder saw a 25% increase in the average length of conversations from the end of February to the end of March.

With this data we can see that, even in a situation of limited physical mobility, intimacy still finds a way. A virtual way.

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