If premature ejaculation is suspected, the first rule is to remember that the problem can be tackled successfully, especially if treated early. Therefore, no one should feel embarrassed or ashamed for seeking medical advice as soon as possible. Trying to live with the problem is only likely to exacerbate anxiety and psychological disturbances, resulting in worsening of the disorder. Urologists/andrologists and sexologists are the referral specialists in this case. They can determine whether the causes are physical, psychological or a combination, and propose psychological and/or pharmacological solutions as needed. Increasingly, an integrated approach with simultaneous involvement of both specialties is being introduced to reach a global diagnosis of the disorder. Psychologist specializing in sexology may suggest various approaches to gradually resolve the problem, often involving both partners in therapy. In this case the cooperation of the partner and the determination to confront and solve the problem are essential for success. Revival of complicity in the relationship, which is often strained by the disturbance, provides an additional stimulus for the recovery of a sense of control and desire to properly manage sexuality and set aside distress, frustration and disappointment.

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