Helping Premature Ejaculation with Pelvic Floor Exercises
Premature ejaculation

Helping Premature Ejaculation with Pelvic Floor Exercises

Exercise. It’s a “natural” remedy for the 3.5 million Italians who experience the difficulties of premature ejaculation. A new study made by Antonio Pastore, a urologist at Sapienza University in Rome, at the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm found that exercising the pelvic floor muscles can help increase the amount of time spent between the sheets, even in those who don’t respond to traditional pharmacological treatments. According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine, premature ejaculation is defined as happening “within one minute” from the beginning of sexual intercourse. Pastore’s team selected 40 men, between the ages of 19 and 46, who suffered from it and directed them in pelvic floor strengthening exercises over a 12-week period.

During this training period measured how long the men performed before ejaculating. Prior to the study, the men had tried various therapies without significant results. The results were positive and show that the average time before ejaculating was 31.7 seconds. After the 12-week period, it rose to 146.2 seconds. This number is quadruple the starting average and no longer classifiable as a pathological condition. 33 out of the 40 men reported significant results, 5 reported no changes and 2 abandoned the experiment before its completion. Thirteen patients continued the exercises for 6 months and maintained their increased results. Pelvic floor exercises are already used in the treatment of male incontinence, especially following surgical operations such as those related to prostate cancer.

They have also been used to treat temporary impotence. Pastore commented, “This is a preliminary study, and the results need to be verified with larger samples. But even so, the results seem very positive. The exercises are simple and have no side effects. Moreover, the fact that men can improve their sex life using their own strength also raises self-esteem.”

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