You can fight hypertensions and not lose your sex life
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You can fight hypertensions and not lose your sex life

Hypertensions could also affect your sex life. Men with untreated hypertension have weaker blood flow in the penis than the norm. This was presented in a new study presented at the European Congress of Cardiology 2020 by coordinator Charalambos Vlachopoulos and a team of scientists from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. But there is some good news.

The researchers found that treatments to counteract hypertension return blood flow to levels similar to those without the condition. The results are reassuring for men with hypertensions who worry about their sexual health. Hypertension affects more than a million people worldwide and is the leading cause of early death. To prevent it, doctors recommend a healthy lifestyle following a low salt diet, not smoking, controlling one’s weight, exercising regularly and a low consumption of alcohol.

Nonetheless, in many cases it is still necessary to turn to pharmaceutical treatments, even if compliance is low and nearly half of patients do not follow the prescription correctly. Some people don’t use the drugs properly because they fear that they could interfere with their sex life. The study focused precisely on this point by following 356 men with erectile dysfunction during a period from 2006 to 2019. The men were divided into three categories: people with normal blood pressure, those with mid-high blood pressure and those with hypertension.

164 patients, 64% of the total, were then treated with antihypertensive drugs. All the patients were given a blood test to examine blood flow to the penis. It was found that in the men not treated for hypertension, that the speed of blood flow lessened progressively as pressure rose. On the other hand for the treated men, there was no difference between the speed of blood flow in all the categories.

Vlachopoulos explains, “The progressive decrease in blood flow speed in the penis in the three categories of men who did not receive pharmacological hypertensive treatments indicate that there are significant changes in the blood vessels of the penis due to chronic hypertension. And these differences disappear with treatment, which suggests that this would have a strong effect on sexual health.”

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