What keeps the passion alive in the long run?
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What keeps the passion alive in the long run?

Everyone knows that time changes everything. Unfortunately, this is also true for our sexual desires and after a few months together, many couples find it difficult to keep passion and openness alive in the bedroom. Others, however, never lose their sexual satisfaction even after many years have passed. What is their secret? This was the questions asked by researchers from Chapman University in a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, in which they investigated the levels of satisfaction of more that 38 thousand Americans. It brought to light the factors which can assure good sexual understanding over the course of a long-term relationship.

First of all, the participants’ responses were more positive than expected as a significant percentage of the interviewed couples (all heterosexual couples together for at least 3 years) stated that the still had an ardent and passionate sex life. “It has been encouraging to find that more than a third of the couples are able to keep passion alive, even after being together for two or three decades,” explains Janet Lever, a co-author of the paper. “It isn’t something that one does on autopilot. These couples have made a conscious effort to keep their sex lives from becoming routine.” How exactly did they do this? The research suggests that experimenting with a greater variety of sexual practices, extending foreplay, using sexy lingerie and other tricks to create the “mood”, and the ability to openly discuss one’s sexuality with their partner are the characteristics identified with those couples who have managed to keep the flame burning.

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