Is the “spoon” the best position for men with back problems
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Is the “spoon” the best position for men with back problems

With a bit of care and attention, even those suffering with back pain can make love. The details come from a study which used motion capture technology - it’s the stuff of fantasy films and videogames - which has provided new information about the stress placed on the man’s backbone in various sexual positions. Traditionally, doctors recommend the “spoon position” to men who suffer from lumbar back pain. However, the study, published in Spine magazine, disproves this notion showing that it is not actually the best choice.

To study it, scientists asked 10 young and healthy couples, in which the male partner did not suffer any performance-influencing pain, to have sex while changing randomly between five positions. The movement of the spine was monitored using motion capture and the researchers observed a significant difference between the positions and the stress on the vertebrae. The recommendation, then, for those who suffer from back pain depends on the type of movement that causes pain. For this type of patient, the spoon position is actually the least suitable as it produces the most stress on the spine. Doctors say that further experiments will study other positions and possibly analyse even the effects on the woman’s body.

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