Social relationship help us live healthier and longer
Let's talk about sex

Social relationship help us live healthier and longer

Together with emotional happiness, the sexual sphere is fundamental to ensure a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
Making love is one of the most natural things in the world, although studies show that erectile dysfunction is widespread.
This is addressed in different ways:
Young people use the web to look for answers and other’s experiences.
Adults experiencing sexual dysfunctions seek information in a more conscious and targeted way and also talk to their partner.
In a couple, it is often the woman who takes the first step by showing empathy towards her partner.
It is possible to talk calmly about this issue, with the right information.
Healthinessfortwo” is a site that talks about sexuality using different approaches, in a reliable, innovative, useful way.
It is a reference for those seeking answers who can count on Menarini and its authoritative partners’ experience.
With Healthinessfortwo, wellness and happiness are made to be together.

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