Sex in the time of COVID-19

The coronavirus. Social distancing and quarantine. These measures have had a profound effect on all aspects of daily life. Of course this includes sexuality. What does science have to say about it? It is possible to keep same rhythm in yout sex life with yout regualr partner? Let’s have a look at the latest evidence. In a newly released study led by scientists at the University of Utah published in Fertility and Sterility, it was shown that it is highly unlikely that the COVID-19 will be transmitted by sperm. The study was conducted by examining the seminal fluid of a small group (34 subjects) of Chinese men one month (on average) after their positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Laboratory tests were unable to find the virus in any of the samples. “Even though this was a small and preliminary study, the fact that the virus was present neither in the sperm nor in the testicles could be a very important discovery,” explained James M. Hotaling, coauthor of the work. “If a disease such as COVID-19 could be transmitted sexually, it would have grave implications on disease prevention as well as long term consequences for men’s reproductive health.” Unfortunately, sexuality is not only a matter of fluid exchanges. Closeness, touching, hugs and kisses could also spread infection. For this reason, experts absolutely discourage casual sexuall encounters. On the others hand, sex between stable partners is allowed, provided that both have remained at home for several weeks, have not been in contact with any infected people and that have respected the reccomended guildelines for preventing the spread of the virus.

HFTHQ 20-04