Sex during the lockdown: how Covid-19 has changed our relationships
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Sex during the lockdown: how Covid-19 has changed our relationships

FOCUS: The effects of the emergency and stress on the libido.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown has brought about profound changes, not only in the areas of medical field and public health, but also in many aspects of daily life. Naturally, this also touches on our emotional and sexual wellbeing. One of the aspects affected by the lockdown is how we dealt with the emergency and the stress, and how the chosen strategy affected the libido.

Experts observed a great many differences in the ways that people dealt with stress and the state of emergency during the pandemic. For example, for some people it was especially important to be always up to date, reading as much as possible about the topic. Others, however, preferred to be more careful in selecting the information they read.

Many felt overwhelmed by a sense of emergency and fatality while still others tried to focus on maintaining a consistent daily routine. And some focused on problem-solving while others gave more attention to managing their emotions and anxiety. These individual differences obviously influenced the wellbeing of couples and their libido and sex life. In those situations where partners did not share the same methods of dealing with stress, it was more likely to have resulted in conflict for the couple. But we need not lose hope!

Experts say that such a situation can create an ideal situation for the couple to grow in a mutual understanding, empathy and acceptance when facing difficult moments. On the other hand, some couples feel more efficient when working together toward a common goal. In these cases, the stress of the lockdown, strangely enough, increased the sense of wellbeing as being together allowed them to appreciate even more the presence and contribution of their partner.

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