The secret of a happy sex-life? Feel young

There is no “right age” to make love, feeling young is what matters. This has just been confirmed by a team of researchers from the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo in a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, looking at the effects of age and perceived age on sexual satisfaction. Scientists took the Midus (MIDlife in United States) database and extracted clinical information on 1170 adults with an average age of 73 who periodically, over a decade, answered questionnaires about frequency, quality and interest in sexual activity. Looking at the responses, the study authors noted that the participants who felt relatively old rated the quality of sex as unsatisfactory and tended to be less interested in it. Conversely, subjects with a more positive attitude towards age provided higher satisfaction rates to the quality of their sex-life. The frequency of intercourses was the only parameter unrelated to the perception of ageing.

Estill, A., Mock, S. E., Schryer, E., and Eibach, R. P., The Effects of Subjective Age and Ageing Attitudes on Mid- to Late-Life Sexuality, The Journal of Sex Research (2017)

PP-SH-UK-0016 | Date of preparation: Feb 2018