Millennials lose their virginity later than their parents' generation

They are precocious in many areas, but when it comes to sex, millennials seem to lag behind their parents. At least in the United Kingdom, where researchers at the University College of London have been analysing the habits and behaviours of children born in the years 1989 and 1990. The study is called the Next Steps Project and involves about 16 thousand people.

The study results for sexuality are clear: analysis of the data conducted by social research expert Steve McKay at Lincoln University appears to show that one out of eight participants is still a virgin at the age of 26. The differences from the previous generation are considerable, since before the arrival of the millennials, only one in twenty men reached age 26 without any sexual experience. It is not clear how this change arose, but some experts believe it may be related to the ever-increasing spread of online pornographic videos and materials.

This phenomenon may have produced a "hypersexualization" in the new generation, provoking fear and disinterest in sexuality in some millennials, at least of sexuality in the real world.