Men do not talk about sex and health

Knowing your family history and hereditary risks is extremely important in preventing future health problems. However, these are topics that men tend to avoid, especially when it comes to talking about sexual health. This conclusion is the result of a survey conducted in America by the Orlando Health Network of hospitals and healthcare facilities. The study found that four out of five men never discuss sexuality and health with their parents and relatives. The situation for women is completely different. Among young people under the age of 35, women are 90% more likely than male peers to have discussed health issues with their family; not only about sexual health, but also genetic disorders which are prevalent in the family including tumours or psychiatric disorders. It is crucial for young men to be aware of their family health history since this will help them identify symptoms of a possible disorder earlier and start the necessary therapies. Fathers and grandfathers should talk to their children and grandchildren about these issues from an early age, so they feel comfortable talking about these issues as adults. Florida’s Clermont Personalised Urology & Robotics Clinic Co-director Jamin Brahmbhatt said: “Younger family members might not understand the benefits now, but I bet you when they get older, they'll appreciate that you had that conversation with them at an early age”.

PP-SH-UK-0016 | Date of preparation: Feb 2018