Men can also suffer from the “post-sex blues”
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Men can also suffer from the “post-sex blues”

Known in medical terms as “post-coital dysphoria (PCD)” In lay terms, is a feeling of inexplicable tearfulness, sadness or irritability that some feel after a satisfactory consensual sexual activity. Until now, it was thought that this phenomenon affects predominantly women. But that’s not so: a team of scientists from Queensland University of Technology has just published a study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy revealing that also men can experience PCD. To investigate the prevalence of this phenomenon among men, a topic addressed here for the first time by the scientific community, the authors of the study administered an anonymous questionnaire to 1208 men from Australia, the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Germany and other countries, asking them to describe their experiences and sexual satisfaction. The picture that emerged from analysis of the results shows that men are more sensitive than you might think: "41% of the participants", said study author Joel Maczkowiack, "reported having experienced PCD during their sex lives, and 20% said they had experienced it in the last four weeks. 3-4% of the sample reported that they suffered regularly". According to the authors, this study indicates that male sexuality is far more complex than previously thought, and it might help refine behavioural therapies for men who have problems with their sexuality.  

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