Love pills boom online. However, often they are fake.

They are available on unofficial web channels. They mostly attract men. They are almost always counterfeit. They are the so-called "love pills", or alleged medicinal products used to treat sexual ailments, especially erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Their sale is hugely successful on the web. According to data presented at the "Counterfeiting, a virus to be eradicated," conference, organised in Rome, they often fail to live up to expectations, either because they do not contain active ingredients, or they contain double the correct dosage and could cause serious health risks. These facts came from data presented at the "Counterfeiting, a virus to be eradicated," conference, organised in Rome. The conference was organised by Federfarma Servizi – the National Association of Intermediate Distribution Companies which is owned by pharmacy owners. The study was in collaboration with the Italian Urology Association. Some data: in 2016, authorities shut down 20,000 illegal pharmacies. A survey conducted by the Italian Agency for Medicines and Sapienza University of Rome carried out on a thousand internet users, revealed that 41% of participants considered the online drug purchase phenomenon as "positive" and 43% of them thought the web was a safe source for the medicine purchase. These results highlight a potentially dangerous trend, which might be down to the absence of strong and widespread regulations aimed at curbing illegal selling behaviours. Studies that have analysed the content of online drugs available have shown that in a third of cases, they did not contain any active ingredient and in one out of five cases they contain incorrect quantities. 21.4% were made up of wrong ingredients, 15.6% had fake packaging, 8.5% contained high amounts of contaminants and other impurities. These are good reasons to think twice before clicking. It is much better to receive a prescription from your GP and fulfil it through official reliable pharmacies.


PP-SH-UK-0016 | Date of preparation: Feb 2018