Keep your gums under control

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth and is the leading cause of tooth mobility and tooth loss in adulthood. This is a disorder caused by recurrent bacterial infections, which can infect other parts of the body. Periodontitis is associated with a greater incidence of erectile dysfunction. A Chinese study analysed the data contained in five previous studies published between 2009 and 2014, covering more than 213,000 participants aged 20-80. The study results, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, showed that the link between periodontitis and erectile dysfunction was particularly pronounced in men under the age of 40 and older than 59. Once the data was corrected to take into account chronic conditions such as diabetes, which increase the incidence of both disorders, erectile dysfunction was still about 2.20 times more common in men who had periodontitis. This little-known connection should be emphasised by doctors and dentists, to encourage the prompt treatment of gingival disorders. According to Guangzhou Medical University Coordinator, Zhigang Zhao, “Chronic periodontitis treatment can control or eliminate inflammation and may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction”.

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PP-SH-UK-0016 | Date of preparation: Feb 2018