It’s never too late for sex
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It’s never too late for sex

Sex is ageless. Even if passion and libido are inevitably destined to change over time, many couples continue to enjoy intimate moments together after their eighties. And that is a good thing, because an active sex life can be a balm for our physical and mental health in every stage of life. It is important to learn how to live with our changing bodies to avoid disappointments and unnecessary health risks.

As an article from the Mayo Clinic reminds us, the changes that most affect our sex lives have to do with our hormones. Especially in men, the physiological decrease in testosterone levels leads to certain inevitable affects. It may require more stimulation when trying to achieve and maintain an erection, orgasms may become shorter, there may be a decreased flow of semen during ejaculation, and a longer “refractory” period may be necessary in order to have another erection after intercourse.

These are all perfectly natural as we age and they do not prevent one from having an active sex life, as long as a couple is able to accept these changes to routine as the years pass. While they are a normal part of aging, it is a different story for pathologies and health problems that can compromise sexuality. Operations, heart trouble, blood pressure medicine and antidepressants can interfere with sex. In these cases, experts recommend approaching the difficulties calmly and experiment with your partner to find new forms of intimacy that allow both to return to a satisfying sex life.

It is necessary to consult your doctor when problems arise, and remember that there are specialists, like sexologists, who can provide important help to couples of every age as they rediscover passion and intimacy. It is well known that prevention is the best way to keep ourselves healthy, and this is also true in bedroom. A healthy lifestyle is key for aging well in all spheres of life, including sex. A healthy diet, regular physical activity, limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco are the best defences to secure a long life with your partner, as well as an active sex life at any age.

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