How many calories do we burn having sex?

Sex is good for the body and the mind. And, it seems it helps burn calories. A study conducted by scientists from the University of Montreal, published in Plos ONE, attempted to measure the energetic consumption of sexual activity in young healthy couples and then compared it to another type of exercise. The scientists monitored twenty heterosexual couple, with an average age of 23, and measured their caloric consumption during sexual activity using arm sensors and asking each participant to self-evaluate their perceived levels of strenth, fatigue and pleasure.

Then to make the comparison, the participants had a moderately intense run on a treadmill for about 30 minutes. Here are the results. The caloric consumption during sexual activity was about 4.2 calories per minute for the men and 3.1 for the women.  This totaled, on average, about 100 calories for sexual encounter for the men and 69 calories for the women. On the treadmill, it was found to be 9.2 calories per minute for the men and 7.1 for the women. In conclusion, sexual activity burns about half the amount of calories as physical activity. But it’s at least twice the fun.

HFTHQ 20-03