A decrease in libido in women: causes and symptoms
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A decrease in libido in women: causes and symptoms

Sexual desire in women fluctuates naturally with the passing of time. The highs and lows often coincide with the beginning or ending of a relationship, or with important life changes such as pregnancy, menopause or illness. Certain medicines used in the treatment of mood disorders can also affect it. But if the lack of interest in sex are ongoing or recurring and are worrying, it might be due to a specific condition which is called sexual interest/arousal disorder.

In trust, there is not a “right” or “good” amount of desire. It depends on the individual and the views of the couple. Nonetheless, experts from the Mayo Clinic point out some typical symptoms that indicate a decrease in libido:

  • having no interest in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation
  • not or rarely having sexual fantasies or thoughts about sex
  • being worried by the loss of sexual activity and fantasies

It is more difficult to discover the causes which may lead to an arousal disorder. There are many factors which contribute to the female libido and these can be grouped in four macro-areas. They are physiological, hormonal, psychological and relational.

The first group contains pain experienced during sex, certain diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, the use of certain drugs (especially antidepressants), certain bad habits (drinking too much, smoking or using psychotropic drugs), have undergone surgery in the urogenital system or fatigue due to illness or caring for others.

The hormonal factors which can lead to the loss of libido are the fluctuations which occur during pregnancy and menopause. In the first case, the changes are temporary and or easily associated with fatigue and the changes in the woman’s physical appearance. In the second case, the decrease in estrogen levels can lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex and result in a decrease in sexual interest.

The factors on the psychological front include depression and anxiety, stress related to work or one’s financial situation, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction with one’s body, having experienced sexual abuse or other negative sexual experiences.

Finally, if the couple finds itself in a difficult moment, it is possible that the women may also feel less sexual desire. In women, intimacy is often linked to emotional closeness. A reduced interest in sex could also be linked to unresolved conflicts, a lack or communication regarding sexual preferences and needs or a lack of trust in the partner.

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