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Personalized physical therapy reduces incontinence and pain in men after prostate surgery

August, 4

For decades, the standard treatment for men suffering from urinary incontinence after prostate surgery has been physical therapy aimed at strengthening pelvic muscles.

Sexual anorexia: a fear of intimacy

August, 4

Having sex certainly isn’t a must. And for so...

Sex in the time of the new coronavirus: what are the risks of infection?

August, 3

Social distancing is just one of the strategi...

What keeps the passion alive in the long run?

July, 31

Everyone knows that time changes everything. Unfortunately, this is also true for our sexual desires and after a few months together, many couples find it difficult to keep passion and openness alive in the bedroom

Pregnancy, birth and reproductive health: we need more information

July, 30

Ovulation, folic acid, sexually transmitted diseases. How many women are truly knowledgeable when it comes to reproductive health? Unfortunately, it seems too few.

Is the “spoon” the best position for men with back problems

July, 29

With a bit of care and attention, even those ...