Erectile dysfunction is an extremely common andrological disturbance. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are affected by it. Even more serious though, is the fact that few men are willing to talk about it with their partner or doctor. Yet, the best way to fight erectile dysfunction begins in exactly that way, by overcoming embarrassment and reticence and having a candid conversation with an expert. Evaluation is indispensable for understanding whether the nature of the disorder is physical or psychological and then guiding the patient to the most appropriate treatment.

Even before reaching the point of needing medical attention, it is important to try to prevent the onset of the disorder. Experts recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle, not smoking and getting plenty of physical activity to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, because erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases have the same background and aetiology. But it is also necessary to avoid abuse of alcohol and drugs, which can have deleterious physical and psychological effects. In addition to ensuring a good general state of health, following these common sense rules will help to improve sexual experiences.

Curing erectile dysfunction is now possible. However, it is fundamental to overcome feelings of embarrassment, fear and shame, and to talk with the partner, physician, and even better with an urologist or andrologist.

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