Let's talk about sex

The “Good Enough Sex”

February, 5

Our society is saturated with images and myths about beauty and manliness, sexual performance and an over-emphasis on romantic and perfectionistic sexuality. Meanwhile, approximately 45% of couples at a given time suffer a male, female or couple sexual dysfunction. (Laumann et al., 1999).


Social relationship help us live healthier and longer

January, 9

Together with emotional happiness, the sexual...

What autumn of life? It seems that the over 65 are active, even under the sheets

December, 12

Forget about the stereotypes: even the over 6...

“How many women have you been with?” men tend to exaggerate

December, 12

They say fifteen, when they mean five. ​Men tend to overestimate the number of partners they have had in their life.

How the immune system influences sexual habits

December, 10

Not only society, culture and status, but now it apprears that sexual behaviour may be influenced also by immune cells in the brain. At least that's what happens in mice, as was recently discovered by a team of neuroscientists coordinated by Kathryn Lenz at The Ohio State University.

Declining sexual desire in women, all a matter of awareness

December, 9

Women, aging and decreased libido. ​This issu...