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Why are women more protected from COVID-19?

May, 12

Fewer infected, fewer under hospital care, few deaths. The female population seems to be less hit by COVID-19. Why?

Sex in the time of COVID-19

May, 12

The coronavirus. Social distancing and quaran...

How many calories do we burn having sex?

May, 12

Sex is good for the body and the mind. And, i...

Premature ejaculation could be correlated to anogenital distance

May, 11

A relationship could exist between the anogenital distance and the probability of suffering from premature ejaculation in men.

It’s so hard to break-up in the era of Facebook and Instagram

May, 8

You take your phone. You open Facebook or Instagram. And you begin to scroll through your feed. There’s a new notice: your ex is now “in a relationship”.

Women’s Health: The frequency of intercourse could influence menopause onset

May, 8

There’s a link between sex and menopause. An ...